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Steel & Metal Processing

Let Link-Belt® and Syntron® help eliminate production obstacles and provide more profit to your metal industry. From copper, iron ore, steel, and zinc … we’ve got over 218 years of experience to improve your ROI.

Ore Pass Problem

Sticky ore tended to plug up the ore pass and geological instability ultimately collapsed the underground ore pass and put the transport system out of service.

Our Solution

A conventional overland conveyor system was created following the already developed truck ramps. DSI maximized the use of existing conveyor equipment and structure, already at the mine, from the collapsed and abandoned through-the-hill conveying system. An amalgamation study was done and revealed that six conveyor flights could be reduced to three when joined with horizontal curves.

Steel & Metal Processing Products


Crusher Loading Feeder

The SYNTRO-FLO cone crusher loading feeder by Syntron is a MF two-mass tuned direct drive vibratory feeder with an engineered discharge uniquely designed for equal distribution of product. The uniform distribution delivers superior cone-friendly performance, extended life of the cone, and more cubical formed product. The feeder is suspension mounted and can be easily integrated into a trolley system allowing movement for crusher maintenance.


Link-belt Idler

Choose from a wide range of belt conveyor idlers and parts for above-ground and underground applications.

  • Meet or exceed CEMA B,C,D,E, and F series
  • Retrofit availability
  • Advanced sealing system
  • Double sealed ball bearing designs
  • Extreme service idler for oil sands applications
Screen Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

Syntron vibrating feeders offer unmatched flexibility and reliability, making them ideally suited for a number of applications and materials. They are typically used in feeding, mixing, blending, batching, grinding, packaging, flaking, freezing, and drying applications.



Syntron drives provide directional vibratory conveying movement to a track, trough, or any responsive surface. They are designed for use with packaging machines or special process equipment requiring a metered flow of bulk materials or parts.


Feeder Control

Controls by Syntron Material Handling offer a range of optional functions for specific control and requirements.

  • Analog input
  • Digital communication
  • Onboard diagnostic capability

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