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Mining & Minerals

Pulp & Paper

Let Syntron® and Link-Belt® help you manage a wide variety of pulp and paper bulk materials from wet, sticky, and even dry applications. We also offer vibratory products that eliminate flow problems in your operation.

Solving Problems

One of our customers continued to have maintenance nightmares with failing rolls and extended down times due to late deliveries from another company. To solve the problem, Syntron Material Handling provided our C3000 series idlers with tapered roller bearings. These rolls provide extended life with little to no maintenance = another happy customer.

Pulp & Paper Industry Solutions

Link-Belt Idler

Link-Belt Idler

Choose from a wide range of belt conveyor idlers and parts for above-ground and underground applications.

  • Meet or exceed CEMA B,C,D,E, and F series
  • Retrofit availability
  • Advanced sealing system
  • Double sealed ball bearing designs
  • Extreme service idler for oil sands applications

Screw Conveyor

A traditional and simple way to convey bulk materials, Link-Belt screw conveyors are perfect for:

  • Batching
  • Mixing
  • Blending
  • Agriculture
  • Lawn & Garden
Composite Idler Rolls

Screening Feeders and Screens

From coal to food processing, to plastics, pharmaceuticals, and other processes, Syntron screen feeders are employed to scalp, separate, size, de-dust, and de-water bulk products. Powered by highly efficient electromagnetic drives which provide gentle handling with minimal product degradation, Syntron screen feeders have no moving parts, which means no lubrication is required and ongoing maintenance is minimal. Units range in size from a tiny, 3" wide pill de-duster to the massive 4' wide models used in heavy industry.

Paper Joggers

Syntron paper joggers provide high performance jogging solutions for a broad range of applications with unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

  • Fast and efficient
  • Advanced design
  • Proven reliability
  • Simple operation
  • Self-cleaning
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • CheckMate™ units are UL/CUL certified

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