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Syntron’s food and packaging equipment help the pharmaceutical industry package the final product as well as transform raw ingredients into finished consumables by use of feeding, mixing, and screening, among others. Syntron feeders, screens, and hoppers provide a traditional and simple way to convey bulk materials. Our IP66 total washdown drives provide the necessary sanitary feature needed in the cleanroom environment. FDA constructed stainless steel troughs, of standard and customized sizes and shapes, will convey and screen product safely and efficiently to the next processing need.

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions


Electrical Control

Syntron controls are used to vary the flow of material through the feeder by adjusting the amplitude of the feeder pan. Standard control units include an operating switch, fuse, and adjustable control to vary the amplitude.

Screen Feeder

Vibrating Feeder

Syntron vibrating feeders offer unmatched flexibility and reliability, making them ideally suited for a number of applications and materials. They are typically used in feeding, mixing, blending, batching, grinding, packaging, flaking, freezing, and drying applications.



Syntron drives provide directional vibratory conveying movement to a track, trough, or any responsive surface. They are designed for use with packaging machines or special process equipment requiring a metered flow of bulk materials or parts.


Screw Conveyor

A traditional and simple way to convey bulk materials, Link-Belt screw conveyors are perfect for:

  • Batching
  • Mixing
  • Blending
  • Agriculture
  • Lawn & Garden

Bin Vibrator

Electromagnetic, rotary electric, or pneumatic models maintain free flow of bulk materials from bins, hoppers, and chutes. We offer effective, efficient product flow solutions for most industry applications and environments.

  • Constant, uninterrupted material flow eliminates need for manual manipulation
  • Trouble-free continuous operation

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