The Problem

Customers of Morton Salt in Week’s Island, Louisiana were complaining of debris and trash received with barge loads of salt. Salt is loaded in barges via a series of conveyor belts at a rate of 750 tons per hour. The plant is located on the shores of Vermillion Bay in south Louisiana, in a very humid and corrosive environment. Customer’s high demand of the salt required a minimum downtime for installation of any solution. This meant as much of the existing system needed to be reused and kept intact.

The Solution

Syntron Material Handling designed a vibrating screen to handle the tonnage and separate debris and any material over 3/4”. Because of the harsh environment, a rotary vibrator screen was selected in order to eliminate a V-belt drive and to minimize the moving parts on the screen. This also allowed the construction of the screen to be completely 316 stainless steel with the exception of the motor, which was equipped with a special corrosive resistant paint system. Rubber isolation springs were also substituted for the typical steel coil springs. The screen media was a series 400 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and allow it be extracted by a downstream magnet if it were to break apart. The size of the screen was a RVS-1620, 6’ x 20’, in order to handle the required volume. R.J. Tricon provided the layout and detail drawings locating the screen between two existing belt conveyors. The position was chosen so the existing system could operate while 70% of the new solution was installed. After installation, Syntron provided technical field support for a successful and smooth start-up.