Scale Quality Idlers

Link-Belt® Scale idlers
are used in conjunction with mechanical-type weighing devices.  They are available in CEMA D and E series for 20°, 35° or 45° troughing installations.  In order to prevent load shift and obtain weighing accuracy, these idlers are fabricated to rigid belt scale manufacturer’s specifications:Scale


  • Roll run-out does not exceed 0.015” T.I.R.
  • Footstraps are within 0.015 of flat surface.
  • Axis of rolls is +031” from perpendicular through center of base.
  • Backing dimension of center roll is + 0.000”- 0.125”.
  • End bracket is perpendicular to base 90°+ 1°.
  • Troughing angle is template checked.

All rolls are factory lubricated and “sealed for life”.

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