The Syntron HV-10 feeder is our latest edition to the Syntron feeding legacy.  With an IP66 open coil design, the HV-10 renders itself to “clean in place”/wash-down atmospheres with no risk of water ingress.  By using Syntron’s 80 years of feeding experience as a platform, our R&D team was able to provide the highest travel speeds and smoothest flow in the market today.

Suitable for a Wide Range of Applications:

  • Trough Weight 4-12 lb. • IP-66 • CSA Certified
  • 50/60 Hz Design • Stable Footprint • Low Profile Design
  • Wide Range of Input Voltage

Great for Use in Food Processing and Packaging:

  • Low Product Degradation • Sanitary Design
  • Uniform Material Flow at Discharge • Single Tool Air Gap Adjustment
  • Open Magnet Design             • Multiple Mounting Configurations
  • Super Resonant Tuning          • Linear Speed Control
  • Wash Down Capable