From coal to food processing, to plastics, pharmaceuticals and other processes, Syntron® Screen Feeders are employed to scalp, separate, size, de-dust and de-water bulk products. Powered by highly efficient electromagnetic drives which provide gentle handling with minimal product degradation, Syntron® Screen Feeders have no moving parts, which means no lubrication is required and ongoing maintenance is minimal. Units range in size from a tiny, three-inch-wide pill de-duster to the massive four-foot-wide models used in heavy industry. Syntron Material Handling also offers electromechanical designs for high-tonnage screening of coarse materials.

Link-Belt® Models UP, VC and NRM Inclined Vibrating Screens are backed with over 50 years of proven, dependable performance in industry.  Continuing Vibrating Screen design improvements by our research and development engineers have enabled these rugged units to solve a greater range of difficult screening problems more effectively and economically. There is a Vibrating Screen type and model for every material characteristic, operating condition and capacity requirement.

Performance engineered Link-Belt® Models CS, CH and BA and Syntron Model RVS Inclined Vibrating Screens assure efficient, dependable operation to solve your most difficult sizing, scalping, dewatering and rinsing applications.  these four ruggedly constructed vibrating screen models provide medium and heavy duty service screening for a wide range of materials in the coal, aggregate, asphalt, pulp and paper and chemical handling industries.



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